Listening to our inner critic

Listening to our inner critic Michael is a bright and sensitive man in his 30s. He is the youngest of four siblings and grew up in what, from the outside, seemed like a happy and stable home. In many ways it was indeed happy, but Michael always felt like an after-thought to his parents. He […]

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Trauma is an Experience, Not an Event

Trauma is an Experience, Not an Event It seems like “trauma” has become one of those household terms everyone talks about. I took a look at the number of average monthly Google searches for “trauma” in the U.S., and found that it has grown 22% in only one year. As with other terms that became mainstream (for instance “addiction” or “narcissism”), […]

Santiago Delboy Psychotherapy

Trauma and the Brain

Trauma and the Brain In this presentation I describe and explain some of effects that trauma has on our brain, specifically in terms of the dissociative process and our ability to seek out help to deal with the intense emotions triggered by traumatic memories. To read more about trauma, please go to here. The presentation has […]