Navigating the Relationship Journey

Navigating the Relationship Journey Just to state the obvious, relationships are not easy. While we are “wired” to be in relationships and they can be a source of connection, fulfillment, and growth, they are often times filled with challenges and difficulties. I want to share a few things I have observed through my work as […]

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Trauma and the Brain

Trauma and the Brain In this presentation I describe and explain some of effects that trauma has on our brain, specifically in terms of the dissociative process and our ability to seek out help to deal with the intense emotions triggered by traumatic memories. To read more about trauma, please go to here. The presentation has […]

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Addictions: Attachment, 12-steps, and Group Therapy

Addictions: Attachment, 12-steps, and Group Therapy Below is a chapter I wrote for a book published in 2016, comprised of papers presented at a symposium of the International Association of Social Work with Groups. In this chapter I explain how addiction can be understood as an attachment disorder, and discuss the differences, similarities, and complementarity of […]

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Sex Addiction Clinical Example

Sex Addiction Clinical Example Below is an article I published in 2015 in the Journal of Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity. In that paper, I present a disguised example based on a former patient who identified as a sex addict. This article can be helpful to understand some factors underlying sex addiction, the impact on the patient’s life, and possible […]

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The Importance of the Therapist’s Attachment Style

The Importance of the Therapist's Attachment Style I believe attachment theory provides a fundamental framework to understand the issues our clients bring to therapy. In 2015, I attended a lecture by David Wallin, author of “Attachment in Psychotherapy.” He emphasized the importance for therapists to be aware of their own attachment style, and how that might impact the therapeutic […]

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Language and Psychotherapy

Language and Psychotherapy I am a originally from Peru and moved to the U.S. in my early 30s to attend graduate school. In this article I want to share about the role of language in my personal journey, and the challenge created by the words that lack a precise translation between English and Spanish. I believe there are […]

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Clients, Patients, Consumers: What’s in a Word?

Clients, Patients, Consumers: What's in a Word? About a month ago, in a study group I attend every other week, we talked briefly about using the word “patient” to refer to the people we see in psychotherapy. This was a big no-no in grad school, where I studied social work. The word we should use, we were told, is “client.” […]