Why start therapy?

Perhaps you are feeling stuck, trapped, broken, or confused by your own thoughts and feelings. Maybe there are behaviors you have been trying to stop for a while, but just can't. Perhaps you are tired of feeling sad, alone, ashamed, unsafe, afraid, or doubtful. Or you might be feeling anxious and panicky, losing your temper more often than usual.

Maybe there are parts of yourself that you don't understand, can't seem to accept, or even hate. Perhaps you feel that no matter what you do, nothing will ever be good enough for yourself or for others. You might feel that something is missing in your life, or has been lost in your relationships. Or maybe you are generally satisfied and happy, but want to live a more fulfilling, connected, and meaningful life.

There are as many reasons to start therapy as there are people seeking help. Which one is yours?.

How can we work together?

Individual Therapy

Find a safe and non-judgmental space to talk about what is going on, listen to parts of yourself that need to be heard, and find hope wihin yourself for a different future.

Couples Therapy in Chicago

Couples Counseling

Reconnect with your partner, learn new ways to communicate, rediscover passion and excitement, and find ways to express your needs to heal and grow.

Group Therapy in Chicago

Process Groups

Improve your interpersonal relationships, get honest feedback on patterns you may not be aware of, and experiment with new ways to be open and vulnerable with others.

Learn About My Approach

Where do I work?

I work at Wellington Counseling Group, a psychotherapy group practice with offices in Chicago (Lakeview) and Lincolnwood.

Wellington Counseling Group

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